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Build your App with mChannel App Builder Tool !!

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Launch your mobile presence under your own brand.

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Own branding

Make your customers feel at home by branding your mobile presence similar to your website.
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Increase your sale

Create your own shopping app to sell more via mobile.It runs smoothly and provides more user-friendly interface.
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Our mobile app platform creates ecommerce apps for Android and iOS and ecommerce mobile sites for your online store.
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Retain your customers

Our mobile commerce app builder exploits the native capabilities of the device and persuades customers to return with our marketing toolkit.
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Payment gateway integrations

Use the same gateway provider for your e-commerce website and your mobile app.
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Friendly pricing

Affordable pricing on mobile apps for all platforms. Choose an appropriate plan for your store.

mChannel supports all leading platforms

Fast and smart tool for online store to create apps and mobile websites!!

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