list  What is the primary difference between a Mobile Site and Native Mobile App?
A Mobile Site is accessed from a phone browser whereas a Native App is installed on the device by the user. A Mobile Site helps user to access quick information, instant checkout, whereas an App is used for retention, loyalty and frequent engagement. App users tend to be recurring users and bring you additional revenue.

list  Who has the need for mChannel?
If you are an eCommerce site, brand or retailer and going mobile is a priority with faster time to market and minimal cost, the mChannel is the right solution for you.

list  Which mobile platforms do you support?
mChannel currently supports native iPhone, Android apps and HTML web apps.

list  I have an existing Web Store, how does mChannel help me?
We provide a smooth transition to the mobile world with no disruption to your existing website and user experience.

list  Can I use my own domain for the mobile site?
Yes, you can use www.yourstore.com directly via mobile browser.

list  I don't have a webstore, can I import my catalog?
Yes we provide that service too as an additional feature.You can contact support@mchannel.co for further questions.

list  How do I test my App before going Live?
You can install a test app before submitting it to Apple or Google. The test app will work in exactly the same way as a live app and you can even place test orders. We are happy to assist you with this process.

list  Can I submit Apps under my Google/Apple Account?
Yes, you can submit apps under your own Apple/Google developer account and we will assist you with that. You can also submit apps under the mChannel Apple/Google developer account, saving you the $99 per year Apple and $25 Android fee.

list  How does App update work?
If you update a product in your backend eCommerce cart, it will automatically sync and appear on your app within a few hours. If you have already submitted your app and then decide to update products, departments, images, colours etc, all changes will appear live on each app and will not require a new app submission.

list  Do you provide support after the initial purchase?
Yes, we provide support to the app with maintenance releases, upgrades, bug fixes etc.